Who I Am

My name is Nicholas Catanzaro and I am running for the corporation commission of Arizona.  I am a Army Veteran who fulfilled his military service to the country and would like to continue to serve in a civic capacity.  I also have a strong science background that can facilitate me to look at this position in a different light than that of a career politician.  I am running as a normal citizen that is tired of seeing corporate greed and political corruption in our system.  My campaign is not taking any corporate or special interest money.  I am only accepting clean election donation money under Arizona Clean Elections Commission. 


The Goal

To transform the energy market place of the state.  We must create one that provides clean, efficient, affordable energy for all citizens of Arizona.  An electrical grid that benefits rate payers, not the utility companies and their shareholders.  The utility companies have had a stranglehold on the elected officials in this position and have corrupted it.  This needs to stop!


My History

I grew up in this great state and I love the diversity both geographically and culturally.  I am a US Army Veteran that served two tours in Operation Enduring Freedom.  Upon my return from the war I enrolled at Arizona State University and have a bachelors in chemistry.  I have worked in various STEM fields in the public and private sectors.  I currently work in the tech industry.